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How to use ICT

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Useful tools

The little ones at home are active users of new technologies and are, by far, much more adept at using them than their parents are. At Telefónica we offer products, services and tools to favour both their proper use and to prevent them from becoming the victims of abuse.

Mobile phones

OPT-IN Options

OPT-IN is functionality provided by operators to mobile phone users which blocks adult content by default. This tool is currently installed on pay as you go mobile phone cards for Telefónica's customers in Europe, and blockage of such content may be requested by customers on contracts.

The Terra website, which has over two million users, has decided to gradually remove all adult content (related to pornography) and is promoting attractive content, particularly for children. It has signed an agreement with Disney to help achieve this.

I'm here (Spain):

This service makes it possible to locate up to five mobiles of family members, in real time and at any moment. The locations are notified via the internet, SMS or through an application for the mobile (Android or iPhone/iPad). In addition, it incorporates a complete system of permissions which protects the family's information.

The service makes it possible to programme location alerts, and the customer can receive a notification by SMS if, for example, a family member has not returned home at the usual time or if a child enters school on time.

All Movistar mobile customers (contract or pre-pay) can try out the service for one month, free of charge.

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Block it (Ireland):
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This enables users to block text, image and video messages received from any mobile phone network at no cost. This makes it possible to avoid receiving any offensive or threatening messages.

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Canguro Net Plus (Spain):

This is a content filter which is activated by a simple call to the customer care number (1004). It also makes it possible to stop advertising windows appearing and to restrict connection times and access to chats.

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Speedy Security zone (Latin America)

In Latin America we provide a "security centre" where you can maintain the security of transactions and information, and also protect children by controlling when they can use the Internet and the content they can access. It enables filtering of web content, protection for passwords and control of time spent on-line.   


Telefónica offers digital and satellite television (Cable Mágico / Imagenio) on which there is no open access adult content, and all activities which may incur a cost, such as buying films or video-club membership, can be controlled with a PIN set by the parents.

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