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CR report 2009

CR and Sustainability report 2010

Extended version available

Technosite, an ONCE Foundation company, has worked with Telef├│nica to remove accessibility barriers in its CSR Report for 2010 to ensure accessibility for all people regardless of ability.

This has been done by following a set of accessible design guidelines and user testing by people with different abilities.

This document is in pdf format available for download. (4MB).

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Executive Version

Short version of the Corporative Report in pdf format (3MB)

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Extended version under the new reporting model based on 3 blocks

Compliance with the Global Compact Principles

Human Rights

Principle 1-ÔÇťBusinesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed Human RightsÔÇŁ

Here at Telef├│nica we fully support the framework approved by the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2008 for better management of the challenges faced by businesses and Human Rights. For that reason, we ensure our corporate responsibility with regard to the same with proactive work throughout our value chain and area of infl uence.

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Principle 2- “Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses”

For this reason Telef├│nica is working every day to ensure that none of our companies are complicit in any breaches of human rights, whether directly with our employees, customers or communities, or indirectly through our providers.

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Labour standards

Principle 3- "Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining"

Telef├│nica is working to ensure that all its workers - both direct and indirect - are able to form or join the union of their choice, without threat of reprisals or intimidation, in accordance with the local legislation of the countries in which they are operating.

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Principle 4- "The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour"

Telef├│nica guarantees the non-existence of forced work in any of our companies. Therefore, we have clear guidelines on established working hours, safety at work and the remuneration of professionals.

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Principle 5- "The effective abolition of child labour"

Telef├│nica acts on three fronts to make a signifi cant contribution to the eradication of child labour in the countries in which we are present: through its own internal regulations, through the responsible management of the supply chain and through Fundaci├│n Telef├│nicaÔÇÖs Proni├▒o and EducaRed programmes.

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Principle 6- "The elimination of discrimination in respect of employmen"

Telef├│nica┬┤s Global Diversity Project is responsible for internally making this Principle a reality, mainly through the inclusion of a perspective of diversity in an employee's life cycle.

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Principle 7- "Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges"

Telef├│nica gives appropriate answers to global problems, such as mitigation or adapting to climate change through our products and services. We work hard in the appropriate identifi cation of environmental risks in our operations, contributing in a sectorial and global way.

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Principle 8- "Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility"

Telef├│nica works with local teams trained and committed to environmental objectives and Climatic Change and Energy Effi ciency. We manage the environmental responsibility of all the business lines in an effi cient way.

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Principle 9- "Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies"

Telef├│nica identifi es and develops products and services that generate energy effi ciency and reduction of CO2 emissions of our customers. We have a series of ÔÇťgreenÔÇŁ services in the markets in which we operate, thanks to the work in areas of business and innovation.

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Principle 10- "Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery"

Telef├│nica is also aware of the high cost of corruption, as well as the medium to longer-term opportunities which will open up to companies with a strong anti-corruption strategy. Accordingly, we have developed a series of elements which represent a robust and totally intransigent control system.

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Telef├│nica indicators

Full Extended Version

Full Corporative Report in pdf format (4MB)

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